Joint Ukrainian-German company Techservice WEKO and Partner GmbH was founded on November 03, 1992. The first activities of the Company were: car maintenance, trade in auto parts and equipment for car services.

In 1994, due to the active growth of the automotive market and the opening of many car service stations, it was decided to master the production of car lifts. In the period from 2002, we produced more than 350 electromechanical car lifts. The most popular models are Chestnut 4.0t, Aeneas 3.0t., Which are actively used by car services now.

In 1997, the first paint-drying chamber for cars of the AKFS series was produced. The main components were manufactured in-house, and some parts were purchased in Italy. Two years later, we mastered the full production cycle of spray booths in Ukraine. This is the main type of product of our Company to this day.

We are constantly developing and introducing innovative technologies, as a result of which, in 2003, a unique system of reducing energy costs for heating air in spray booths was mastered – an electric heat exchanger using flat thick-film metal-ceramic electric heaters. The design of the heat exchanger, the location of heaters, radiators – are designed specifically for use in spray booths and give an economic effect in energy consumption of 50%, compared with the classic heat exchanger based on tubular electric heaters (TEN).

Our Company is constantly developing and by 2007 Techservice WEKO products were used in all industrial areas of Ukraine. Then we received an order from the Antonov State Enterprise. This was our first project for aviation – a drying and ventilation chamber, and later we made the same cameras for the 410th and 420th Civil Aviation Factories. The chamber for the Antonov state enterprise has dimensions of 14x5x3m, is used for vulcanizing the polymer coating on aircraft wings and has strict temperature requirements, which are set by the operator in the range of 20-70 ° C, with temperature differences within ± 5 ° C.

2011 … The country’s economy is moving away from the global economic crisis and the carriage industry is starting to develop in Ukraine. We receive an order for the manufacture of a spray booth for railway cars from PrAT Diesel Plant, Kropyvnytskyi. This was our first project for a car building company and the first camera of this scale – 32x6x6 meters, which was designed for the simultaneous painting of two freight cars.

2011-2014 years of the car building industry. During this time, five painting and drying chambers for cars were made: a chamber for the Diesel Plant; camera for PrAT “Donetskstal”; with electric air heating; two painting and drying chambers for the state enterprise “Ukrspetsvagon” of 20x7x6 meters each, with built-in lifting and mobile platforms for operators; painting and drying chamber for passenger cars of the railway DEPO in Tbilisi.

In 2015, overcoming the consequences of the military-political conflict in Ukraine, we expand the product line and develop the production of abrasive blasting chambers (KASO). The first KASO was sent to a distant country – the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Painting and drying chambers, as well as rail transport trolleys with built-in hoisting mechanisms, are supplied with KASO.

In 2016, we open a new production site, where we place: procurement and welding sections; assembly shop of switchboard equipment; machining area, as well as warehouses of materials and components. The new premises have an area of ​​more than 500 m2 and are equipped with a bridge crane, which allows us to manufacture more complex and overall products, to develop and test new types of products.

2017 is the year of change. We have upgraded the entire product line using components and parts exclusively from international European production leaders. We modernized the technology for the production of spray booths, increased the service life and improved the appearance of thermal ventilation cabinets, and also developed a line of modular thermal ventilation cabinets.

In 2018, an additional production workshop was built with an area of ​​320 m2. A new painting and drying chamber was mounted in this room and our painting section was organized. Thanks to the new equipment, we have significantly improved the quality of the paintwork of our products. The new workshop allows the development of product painting techniques, new equipment and significantly increases the Company’s production capacities.

2019 is the year of complex integrated solutions. We started to carry out one of the following major projects – reconstruction of the painting area for the metallurgical enterprise Zaporizhzhya Foundry-Mechanical Plant LLC, which is part of the Metinvest group. To implement this project, we have developed a technological process for applying and drying paintwork at the enterprise. The project includes research, design, development and production of equipment, construction, preparatory work, supply of communications – electricity up to 800 kW compressed air up to 16m3 / h, equipment installation, preparation for commissioning with all necessary permits. To increase the efficiency of the painting section, a complex of equipment was developed: an abrasive blasting chamber, a spray-drying chamber, rail trolleys, a paint preparation room, a set of lifting and moving platforms for the painter. The equipment is intended for painting metal structures with overall dimensions of 12x3x3 m. In addition, in 2019, we produced a set of equipment for coating oversized metal structures, which includes: an automatic washing chamber; painting preparation chamber; painting chamber, sintering furnace and overhead conveyor system.

We sincerely believe that the basis of the wealth of society and the country is the production, processing of raw materials, the creation of added value for goods. For this, society needs to actively engage in entrepreneurship, and the main factors for the development of entrepreneurship are freedom, the inviolability of private property and the rule of law. Therefore, in 2019, we joined the Society of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP). SUP for us is the opportunity to reach a new level of brand development through the exchange of experience with successful entrepreneurs, as well as the belief that our business is protected by a powerful community. History