“TWEKO” painting equipment plant

TWEKO is a family-owned company that was founded in 1992. From the moment of creation till now, the specialists of the enterprise have developed and implemented into production dozens of models of equipment for cleaning and preparation surfaces of products, as well as equipment for painting and drying various coatings – soils, varnishes, paints, thermal insulation coatings, etc..

For all its time, the main goal of the company was to create safe and comfortable working conditions for the most effective preparation/painting works in various industries, ranging from the provision of painting services to individuals and the introduction of high-performance painting plots at large industrial factory’s.

TWEKO equipment is the right decision to increase the quality of the finished product, both for large industrial companies and for private businesses.

Product advantages

“Techservice WEKO” constantly working on improving equipment energy efficiency. Spray booths or painting chambers have very high energy consumption. TWEKO Products deliver better energy efficiency results.

  • People — Our employees, having high level knowledge, are constantly improving their professionalism.

  • KNOWLEDGE — We collect, accumulate and apply in our work all the best technologies and experience for continuous improvement of the technical level and quality of products.

  • INNOVATIVE — Support and develop employee initiatives at all levels of the company to create added value in products, technologies and processes.

  • OPENNESS — To openly and honestly inform our employees and partners about all the important issues of our relationships, creating partnerships that benefit all participants.


Production of painting chamber or spray booth


Production of shot blasting chambers


Lifting device manufacturing


Additional equipment manufacturing


Production of effective equipment to improve the quality of paintwork. To provide safe and comfortable working conditions at workplaces in various service sectors and industrial production during paintwork.


"Techservice WEKO" is a global manufacturer of energy-efficient and high-tech equipment. Our technological solutions surpass the advanced developments in the field of painting products and applying coatings.

Our clients

Hundreds of leading industrial enterprises in Ukraine and abroad choose Techservice VEKO. TWEKO products are in demand to increase the efficiency of the paint shop (painting products): applying and drying the paintwork on the surface, as well as cleaning surfaces from various contaminants.