Малярный цех


A painting workshop is a compact utility room for a specialist who deals with the external coloring of metallic constructions. Here, in one place, it is comfortable to store inventory, supplies and prepare for work. At your fingertips – paints, various types of putties and glues, and other things necessary for repair, cosmetic and paintwork as soon as possible without compromising the quality of the paint.
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A painting workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine, has its equipment and materials – this makes it possible to quickly and efficiently fulfil orders for painting the outer surfaces of metal structures. If you look at the plan and photo of the painting chamber, you can make sure that everything you need for work is neatly and ergonomically laid out in its place. This allows to monitor the shelf life of materials and quickly find what is necessary to complete a specific order.
If you equip the paint shop with your own hands, it should be borne in mind that it should be divided into the following zones for different types of work:
1. Coloring area. Here is the painting of structures;
2. Drying chamber. Mandatory for every professional workshop, a place where painted objects are dried after completion of work with them;
3. Pantry. For storage of tools, equipment, materials and work clothes;
It is worth considering that before painting, the product must be cleaned in a shot blasting chamber.
To immediately stock up with everything necessary for painting metal structures and proceed with the execution of orders, you should know which equipment to buy for the paint shop, and this follows from the stages for painting objects, which are presented below:
● in the initial surface, preparation to paint lay down evenly and kept for a long time. Clearing the old paint layer, removing rust and corrosion;
● in processing by a primer, filling and grinding;
● in applying several layers of paint for uniform and high-quality colouring of the whole surface. This is accomplished by one of three methods: dipping, dousing or spraying.
The choice of coloring method depends on the type of metal construction. Complex objects (with small details, carvings, narrow convex elements, etc.) are usually dipped for high-quality staining. It is more convenient to dye a wheel or a cart. In the case of spraying, two methods of applying paint are used:
● airy. It is used for coloring individual structural elements in a disassembled form;
● airless. Used for coloring the assembled structure.
Equipment for the coloring by type and size is selected depending on which object you want to paint.
The painting workshop should be located in a spacious, well-lit structure. Ventilation and exhaust hood are necessary conditions for comfortable and safe operation. You should also provide tools for fire safety – fire extinguishers, fire buckets, hammer, a box with sand.
With everything necessary for work, you can fully equip the painting chamber in Weko Techservice. The company offers its customers a range of painting chambers of various sizes. There is an opportunity to choose the most ergonomic option, based on where the camera will be installed, and what kind of metal structures, equipment and machinery are supposed to be painted there.